Five reasons your kids will love a Tasman Holiday Park

Five reasons your kids will love a Tasman Holiday Park

An escape from the daily grind is just as well deserved for our littlies as much as it is for us adults. It’s a chance to take a break from the everyday pressure of life – and let’s face it, our kids have had it pretty tough over the last couple of years with lockdowns and home-schooling. A break from schoolwork, screen times, and other activities is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with parents and other family members. Caravan parks offer the perfect wonderland for kids, it’s like stepping back to a simpler time where kids are free to be kids. At Tasman Holiday Parks the kids have the opportunity to wind down, explore, get amongst nature, make new friends, and just enjoy being a kid.

Here are five reasons your kids will simply love a Tasman Holiday Park.

1. Freedom

These days kids are kept on a tighter lead as parents try and keep their kids safe in a more uncertain world. At a Tasman Holiday Park, kids are free to explore and play whilst mum and dad kick back and relax, and just supervise. Our holiday parks are safe, clean and friendly, so you feel comfortable allowing your kids the freedom to explore and play.

Whether it’s riding their bikes through the caravan park, bouncing on a giant bouncing pillow or playing in the playground – your kids will enjoy the freedom to play on their own with newfound friends.

2. Make New Friends

Some of the best memories of our childhood holidays are the new friends we made. Our caravan parks are family-friendly so there is bound to be plenty of other kids to play with. Meeting new friends builds confidence, teaches your kids about other cultures, and helps build understanding that there is a big wide world out there. With so many shared facilities including playgrounds, BBQ areas, campfires, pools, and more, your kids will have plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations with other kids their age. Who knows, maybe they’ll make lifelong friends.

3. Fun Facilities

Our caravan parks have an abundance of fun facilities that the kids are guaranteed to love. We have a range of incredible facilities depending on where you stay. Some of which include swimming pools, water slides, jumping pillows, playgrounds, kid’s activity clubs, games rooms, pedal cars, mini-golf, and one of our parks even has a ninja course! You won’t hear the kids say “I’m bored” – there is always something to do.

4. Get Amongst Nature

All our locations are surrounded by natural beauty. From pristine beaches to dense bushland, our caravan parks offer the perfect setting to get amongst nature in a safe environment. Getting your kids off their devices and into nature is not only an absolute blast, but it also has many health benefits and teaches them a sense of appreciation and respect for the planet we live on. So go for a bike ride, dig in the dirt or sand, collect rocks, smell the flowers, spot some animals, and enjoy all the beauty our parks have to offer.

5. Making Memories

I am sure we all have fond memories of holidays we had when we were kids. Who remembers chanting “are we there yet?” and playing car games such as eye spy with my little eye on the way to a caravan park? Once you arrive you took a deep breath of the fresh, salty air, and off you went. The caravan park was full of life, kids riding bikes, families playing outdoor games, kids coming back from the beach, and everyone just having a good time. Our caravan parks are the perfect setting for you and the kids to make beautiful memories. Play all day and into the night, meet new friends, explore new locations, and spend some quality time with loved ones. Holidays are the stuff that great memories are made from.

When planning your next holiday, check out our amazing caravan parks in various locations along the east coast of Australia, down to Tassie, or over in Western Australia and even New Zealand! No matter where it is, the kids are guaranteed to love it!

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