Your dog deserves a holiday too

Your dog deserves a holiday too

They are much-loved members of the family so it stands to reason that when we think of holidays, we also want to include our four-legged friends. 

Sometimes you just can’t bare to leave your dog at home, so bring them on holidays!

Read our tips for a dog friendly holiday

They are much-loved members of the family so it stands to reason that when we think of holidays, we also want to include our four-legged puppy friends.  Here are a few tips before you go, to make the holiday as stress-free as possible, and fun for the whole family.

Dog standing in front of a firepit with a man sitting down in front of a caravan. Tasman Holiday Parks.
  • Look for the dog friendly caravan parks in locations that make taking them easy, such as being close to parks and beaches where you can exercise your dog.
  • To make them feel comfortable away from home, take their usual bedding, food and water bowls, lead and favourite toy.
  • Bring their usual food so that you don’t have any issue with dietary changes, and remember to pack their favourite treats and any medication they may need.
  • Ensure their identification details are up to date on their microchip and collar tag.
  • Have their vaccinations and flea, tick and worm treatments up to date.
  • Get local advice on pet friendly cafes and other venues where you can all dine out together.
  • A social dog is a welcome dog, and one that can follow a few basic commands will be an enjoyable companion. Teaching your dog to sit, drop and come to you on command are good starters.
  • Be aware of any local events where you are holidaying and make sure your dog feels safe and secure especially if there are fireworks and other loud noises which may frighten them.
  • Always clean up after your dog and keep them on lead where it’s expected.
  • Not everyone knows your dogs personality as well as you, so make sure you control their behaviour, including barking, and keep their access to your site only.
  • Never leave your dog unattended and if you do wish to tour somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs, find a local pet minder to look after them for the day.
  • Have the number of the nearest vet to your holiday destination on hand, just in case.

By having a few simple plans in place the whole family can enjoy a carefree holiday together.  Taking your dog on holiday is a good way to boost your daily steps with lots of walks in the great outdoors, and you can discover a lot about your surroundings when you slow down and take a look around on foot.

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