Treat Yourself on a Rainy Day in Te Anau

Treat Yourself on a Rainy Day in Te Anau

It may come as a surprise to some but yes, we do get the occasional rainy day here in Te Anau, but don’t let a little rain get you down! I’ve put together a list of my favourite things to do in Te Anau when venturing out into the wilderness isn’t much of an option.

Tasman Holiday Parks – Te Anau Hot tubs and Sauna.

If you happen to be staying with us at Tasman Holiday Parks – Te Anau, the Hot tubs and Sauna are a must-do! They are exclusive for guests only. Plus, the hot tubs have shelter and a lake view so you can sit back in pure bliss and listen to the rainfall around you. Don’t forget to make a booking at the reception!

Coffee dates.

How good is a coffee date in a nice cosy café on a rainy day? Head over to the Sandfly café and enjoy their delicious coffee and grab a yummy treat from their cabinet.

Fiordland Cinema.

Fiordland cinema really is something special. Forget the usual cramped seating and crowds of people. Fiordland cinema has oversized seats and a food service that will deliver food to your seat at the half-time interval. Yes, you heard me. They have an interval just like the good ol’ days.

Glow Worm Caves.

Rainy days can often put one off joining tours but during the Glow Worm cave tour you’re spending your time in cave filled with glistening glow worms. Apart from the occasional drip from the ceiling you’ll keep dry and get to experience an amazing trip!

Dinner in town.

One thing Te Anau does well is food. We have an abundance of different restaurants offering a variation of international and local foods. From pizza to curries, Fish & Chips to pub style meals. There’s something for everyone!

Fiordland Massage Clinic.

Time to get out of the rain and look after number 1? Whether it’s an old sports injury, deep tissue or purely to relax, with a range of different massages and treatments it will be impossible not to leave the Fiordland massage clinic feeling on top of the world.

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