For the best experiences, it pays to listen to the locals

For the best experiences, it pays to listen to the locals

Whether it’s your first visit to an area, or you’re a holiday time regular, getting local advice can enrich your experiences.  The friendly staff at caravan parks are a great source of information and many parks can provide brochures and information on local attractions.

Look for any tourist information centres near where you’re traveling as a source of detailed maps and news on any current events, markets, or exhibitions to see. Here you can also ask where things like safe swimming beaches, and good local walks are.

Local councils are a great source of information too, especially if you are holidaying with your dog. They can let you know of any places where dogs can be exercised off-leash and where to find local parks, gardens, playgrounds, and places to have a picnic or barbecue.

For shore-based fishing enthusiasts, a visit to a local tackle shop can be very worthwhile.  If you let them know you’re visiting the area, they can give you some good tips on what species of fish are biting where and the best bait and tackle to use.

Having a chat with the locals is a great way to find some special places that may not always be in the guidebooks. Sometimes you may just get a tip on the more secluded beaches, the favourite places to eat, and other local secrets reserved for those that show interest in finding out more about a destination.

Local advice can be invaluable especially when it comes to weather patterns and road conditions as well as any local roadworks or hazards to avoid during your visit. Community radio stations and newsletters are a good source for current events and news too.

Make a point of visiting local museums, as they are a great way to find out the history behind a region and can answer a lot of questions when it comes to how and why places were named and changes that have occurred over the years. Many of these museums are staffed by volunteers who are only too happy to let you know all about the history of their towns.

If you’re looking for live entertainment, hotels can be a place to visit to see local talent and you may also find some bargains for dining out if they have specials on certain nights.

Talking with other holidaymakers at caravan parks is another way to gain valuable information for enjoying yourself on holidays.  Word of mouth and recommendations from others who have had a good local experience or tour can make your stay a memorable one.

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