Five Tips for the Perfect Family Getaway

Five Tips for the Perfect Family Getaway

Family holidays are all about spending time with kids, making beautiful memories, exploring new places, making new friends, and taking a break from the everyday stresses of life. There’s no denying it can be tough travelling with kids but with our top five family holiday tips, we hope it makes things less stressful so you can focus on having a great time. After all, that’s what holidays are all about.

Don’t travel too far

You’d be surprised with how many great places there are close to home for the perfect family getaway. Don’t overcomplicate things by travelling hours in the car. Kids don’t really like being strapped in the car for hours on end and if they’re unhappy, you’ll hear about it. Check out Tasman Holiday Park’s timeless locations and see what’s close by for you. Three hours seems to be the sweet spot for travelling time. And remember, less time travelling means more time relaxing.

Keep kids entertained

Even if it’s just a three-hour car ride, you’ll need something to keep the little ones entertained. Remember the classic car trip games you used to play like I spy with my little eye, number plate bingo, or trivia. This ought to keep them entertained for a while. You could also pack some car-friendly games like cards, colouring and reading books, or an iPad to watch movies or listen to music.

Here are some more tips to survive the car trip with kids.

Choose accommodation wisely

When travelling with the family, choose accommodation that has plenty of facilities and close by attractions to keep everyone entertained. A big part of having a holiday is to relax and unwind without the stress of having to rush around here there and everywhere. With Tasman Holiday Parks there is plenty to keep everyone entertained both young and old. Some of our fantastic facilities include swimming pools, hot spas, water slides, jumping pillows, playgrounds, kid’s activity clubs, games rooms, pedal cars, mini-golf, and one of our parks even has a ninja course! All our holiday parks are conveniently close to amazing attractions, so you won’t have to go far to enjoy some quality family time exploring new places and embracing new experiences. Tasman Holiday Parks are the perfect place to create some amazing memories you’ll treasure forever.

Here are some more reasons the kids will love a Tasman Holiday Park

Let the kids have their say

Keep in mind that this holiday is just as much theirs as it is yours. Let the older ones choose some fun activities to do whilst on holiday, within reason of course. The younger ones may need a little guidance so you could visit reception to grab some brochures or speak with one of Tasman’s friendly staff members who could give you some ideas. It could even be as simple as letting them choose where to have dinner. Not only will they love having their say, but it’s also good for developing kids internal voice and decision-making skills.

Have fun!

Last but not least, have fun! Let your hair down, be silly with kids, take loads of pictures, make new friends, laugh a lot, stay up late, and try new things. These moments are so precious and something you will hold dear for years to come.

Book your family holiday at one of Tasman Holiday Parks in Australia or New Zealand. All our holiday parks are safe, clean, comfortable, and conveniently located for you to do as little or as much as you like. We create beautiful holiday parks so you can have beautiful moments.  

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