Best Mountain Bike Trails Around St Helens

Best Mountain Bike Trails Around St Helens

Whether you’re an experienced bikeoholic that loves nothing more than some serious downhill action, or a beginner that prefers to take it easy, St Helens has a trail for you. There are plenty of family-friendly trails the groms will love, as well as advanced trails for the adrenaline junkies in this beautiful coastal town. St Helens have plenty of bike shops to hire your gear from and shuttle services taking you to the top of the trails. Here are a few of the trails we think are a must.

The Bay of Fires Trail

The Bay of Fires trail is not for the faint-hearted. Starting at the Blue Tier trailhead, this 42-kilometre track will have you starting in attack position with a massive 14-kilometre descent. Winding through Myrtle trees, Giant Ash trees and huge ferns – it will be hard to keep your eyes on the trail. Once you get to Ansons Bay Road you will enter untouched terrain will massive granite boulders whilst catching glimpses of the pristine Bay of Fires. Finish off the track on the white sandy shore at Swimcart beach. A great place to cool off and kick back after a massive ride.

Flagstaff Stacked Loops

The Stacked Loops are made up of eight loops at Flagstaff ranging from beginner to intermediate trails. The Stacked Loops are easily accessible via the Town Link trail that runs from the main street in town for six kilometres. Once there, you can choose from short beginner tracks to longer, more challenging tracks for the more experienced. All trails are signposted with the name of the track, what level they are, and what trails they connect with.

Loila Tier

The more experienced riders will love starting from the Loila Tier. There is a shuttle service that takes you and your gear for a 15-minute drive to the top. You will enjoy an amazing view before you start a descent along a track of your choice. Here are a couple of our favourites from Loila Tier.

Test your skills along the Send Helens track that pays homage to the surf culture in St Helens. You will be guaranteed plenty of airtime with loads of jumps as you make your way down through moss-covered gullies.

For something a little less challenging with beautiful scenery take the Dreaming Pools trail. This 27-kilometre track takes you through a tall Iron Bark Forest and deep gullies. At about the halfway mark you will reach some natural rock pools. This is the perfect spot for a cool off before you continue your ride past beautiful waterfalls and amazing rock slabs. This track will finish back at the Flagstaff Trailhead.

St Helens Accommodation

Once you’re completely gassed from your big day on the trails, rest up at Tasman Holiday Parks – St Helens. It’s the perfect place to stay with a bike washdown and servicing station and a dedicated bike lock-up shed. There are plenty of accommodation options from camping, cabins, caravan sites, studios, and bunkhouses perfect for larger groups. This beautiful holiday park is the perfect place to create beautiful moments, explore the gorgeous beach, discover local attractions, and enjoy all the activities on offer. Book your trip to St Helens today and gear up for a fun and adventurous trip.

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