Winter Camping – Why We Secretly Love It

Winter Camping – Why We Secretly Love It

Picture snuggling up next to a roaring fire under a beautiful starry sky. There are no mosquitos buzzing in your ear, the campsite is peaceful and quiet, and you are out in nature embracing its beauty. Here are just a few reasons we love camping in winter.

Who doesn’t love a campfire?

Sure, you can enjoy a fire any time of year but in winter there are fewer fire bans and the campfire has a little more purpose to keep you warm. Sitting around a fire, sharing stories, singing songs, playing games, and of course toasting that marshmallow are all bonding experiences that will leave lasting memories for the whole family. Just make sure to check if the holiday park allows campfires.

Camp under a brighter starry sky

Have you ever noticed there appears to be more stars in the sky during winter? There are a few reasons for that, during the cooler months there is less humidity and clouds, which gives you a sharper view of the night sky.

Winter is also the time of year we have the best view of the Milky Way. It’s a great opportunity to pack the binoculars to get a closer view and point out a few constellations like The Southern Cross.

No mosquitos or other annoying insects

How annoying are mosquitos buzzing about in summer? That constant buzz in your ear, sucking your blood, buzzing about your food, and leaving irritating itchy bites on your skin.

The good news is there is hardly any about during winter, so you can leave the insect repellent at home. Most insects are cold-blooded so they will either die off or hibernate during the cooler months. This is definitely a bonus for our winter campers.

It’s a bit romantic

Snuggled together beside a toasty campfire under a stunning starry night sky with a full-bodied glass of red or hot chocolate – sounds a bit romantic huh!

Not only do the elements set the mood, but the best way to warm up is with body heat. So, cuddle up close in a sleeping bag for two for a little holiday romance.

Beat the crowds

Camping during winter is reserved for those brave enough to experience a winter wonderland.

Most prefer to camp during the warmer months leaving the campgrounds quiet in the cooler months. Camping when it’s quieter means you will hear more of nature’s sounds, have a more peaceful time, and won’t have to battle the crowds for the perfect campsite. It’s the perfect opportunity to bliss out and enjoy nature.

It’s a bit cheaper

During the cooler months is considered low season. During this time camping fees, national park entry fees and other tourist attractions may be slightly cheaper than during peak season. Save your cash and put it aside for your next winter getaway.

Let Tasman Tourism’s timeless locations inspire your next camping trip. Find peace and relaxation as you explore all that your holiday destination has to offer in our safe, clean, and friendly holiday parks across Australia and New Zealand. We create beautiful holiday parks so you can have beautiful moments.

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