Why North Star is the Perfect Base for Exploring the Tweed Coast

Why North Star is the Perfect Base for Exploring the Tweed Coast

Experience unmatched Tweed Coast luxury and adventure at Tasman Holiday Parks - North Star. Perfectly located for exploring pristine beaches, lush national parks, and vibrant culture, this resort offers lavish accommodations, extensive in-park activities, and immersive tours. Ideal for families, couples, and solo explorers seeking an unforgettable holiday.

Envision a place where each dawn brings a promise of adventure and every sunset whispers tales of the day’s joy. This is the essence of the Tweed Coast, a spellbinding stretch of natural beauty and cultural richness on the New South Wales North Coast. It is here, amidst this untouched paradise, that Tasman Holiday Parks – North Star stands as a beacon for explorers, offering more than just a stay—it promises an experience. A haven where luxury melds with comfort, designed to be your perfect base as you set out to uncover the wonders of the coast.

North Star is not just about the premier accommodations and panoramic views; it’s about creating a space where families laugh together, couples reconnect, and solo adventurers find their stride. It’s your starting point for adventures that lead to hidden beaches, lush national parks, and local cultural festivals. Here, every service and amenity, from the sparkling pools to the guided tours, is curated to enhance your journey of exploration and discovery.

The Resort’s Prime Location

Strategically positioned on the Tweed Coast, North Star ensures unparalleled access to the region’s treasures. Situated midway between the buzz of the Gold Coast and the bohemian vibes of Byron Bay, it’s the perfect starting point for your explorations. The resort’s proximity to natural and cultural landmarks means adventure is always within reach. With easy transportation options, North Star places you at the epicenter of discovery, making every excursion effortless and memorable.

Hastings Point Beach | Hastings Point, NSW

Unmatched Amenities and Services:

At North Star, luxury meets comfort, offering a range of accommodations to suit every preference. From the adult-only Seascape Leisure Centre to the family-friendly Sammy’s Adventure Lagoon, the resort caters to every guest’s needs. Indulge in spa treatments, savor local cuisine at Ripples Licensed Café, or engage in recreational activities—each detail is crafted to make your stay exceptional. North Star is not just about comfort; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences.

Sammy's Lagoon | Tasman Holiday Parks - North Star
Sammy’s Adventure Lagoon | Tasman Holiday Parks – North Star

In-park Activities

Dive into the heart of North Star with a plethora of in-park activities designed to entertain and engage guests of all ages. Children can embark on adventures in Sammy’s Adventure Lagoon, partake in Neptune’s Castle Kids Club during school holidays, or explore the Marine Environment Museum. Adults aren’t left out, with exclusive access to the serene Seascape Leisure Centre, offering massage, lap pool, gym, spa, and sauna facilities for a fee. Our comprehensive amenities, including tennis courts, playgrounds, and a games room, ensure that every moment spent within the park is filled with joy and entertainment.

Tasman Holiday Parks | North Star | Kids Club
Neptune’s Kids Club | Tasman Holiday Parks – North Star

Tours and Experiences:

Step beyond the gates of North Star to immerse yourself in the unique tours and experiences that define the Tweed Coast. From surfing lessons on world-class waves to hiking through ancient rainforests, every activity is an opportunity to connect with the natural and cultural vibrancy of the region. Engage in local cultural festivals, embark on guided explorations of the hinterlands, or discover the lush landscapes of Tropical Fruit World, a haven where eco-tourism and agricultural innovation converge amidst over 500 varieties of exotic fruits from around the globe. These excursions offer more than just thrilling adventures; they invite you to form a deeper bond with the land and its people, turning your stay into an unforgettable journey.

Guide showing family a jackfruit | Tropical Fruit World, Duranbah.

Environmental and Cultural Sustainability:

Embracing sustainability, North Star integrates eco-friendly practices and supports local communities, ensuring your visit makes a positive impact. Participate in conservation efforts and immerse yourself in the local culture, enriching your holiday with meaningful experiences that contribute to the region’s preservation.

Rounding off your experience at North Star is a visit to the Marine Discovery Centre, a beacon of environmental education and conservation on the Tweed Coast. This state-of-the-art facility, one of Australia’s largest privately funded museums, showcases interactive exhibits and a rich array of marine and coastal science displays designed to inspire and educate all ages about the importance of protecting our marine environment.

The centre integrates the latest in light and sound technology, making it a dynamic space for learning about the challenges facing our oceans, from climate change and marine litter to plastic waste and pollution. It’s a place where guests can dive into the depths of marine conservation, understanding their role in safeguarding our aquatic ecosystems for future generations.

Marine Discovery Centre | Tasman Holiday Parks | North Star | Hastings Point NSW
Marine Discovery Centre | Tasman Holiday Parks – North Star

North Star ccommodation Options:

North Star offers a diverse array of accommodations, catering to people of all budgets. With options ranging from the lavish three-bedroom Tuscany villas to charming Hamptons-inspired Coastal Cottages and practical bunkhouse dorms, to cosy powered sites situated between the palm trees, there’s a perfect fit for every visitor.

Tuscany Villa | Tasman Holiday Parks - North Star
Tuscany Villa | Tasman Holiday Parks – North Star

Tasman Holiday Parks – North Star is not just a destination; it’s the beginning of a journey. Positioned in the heart of the Tweed Coast, it offers the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. With its prime location, extensive amenities, and a commitment to sustainability, North Star ensures a stay filled with discovery and luxury. Whether you’re seeking adventure, culture, or simply a serene getaway, North Star invites you to embark on an unforgettable exploration of the Tweed Coast. Experience a holiday where discovery meets luxury at North Star – your gateway to the extraordinary.

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