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Top 3 tips for the perfect, oozy, fire-roasted marshmallow

Top 3 tips for the perfect, oozy, fire-roasted marshmallow

A camping trip just isn’t a camping trip without a campfire. And a campfire just isn’t a campfire without a roasted marshmallow. Whether you like your marshmallow burnt to a crisp, medium-rare, or lightly toasted, we have the perfect guide for an oozy marshmallow that doesn’t face a tragic fate at the bottom of the fire pit.

Step One

The first step is to find the perfect stick to roast your marshmallow on. You want to find something that is long enough to keep you at a safe distance from the fire, but not too long that it’s hard to control. A common mistake here is selecting a stick that is too thin. Once the stick is submerged in flames, a thinner stick will begin to burn with the tip breaking off along with your marshmallow – a darn right tragedy.  So pick something thicker and less flimsy. Shape the end of your stick using a knife so it easily pierces through the marshmallow holding it in place.   

Step Two

Now it’s time to put your marshmallow to the flame. The trick here is to hold it just above the flames on a continuous rotation. We want to make sure the marshmallow is evenly toasted on all sides for the perfect texture. For a more charcoaled coating place your marshmallow directly in the flames. No rotation is required as the aim is to burn that baby to a crisp. Once your marshmallow has caught alight, remove your marshmallow, watch it burn, and when it has reached the level of charcoal you desire, simply dowse the flame by blowing directly on the marshmallow. Remember, don’t blow too hard as we don’t want to blow the marshmallow off the stick and onto the ground where it will be unsavable.

Step Three

Now here is the fun part – eating the marshmallow. This part is just as important as steps one and two. It requires a certain skill to ensure you don’t burn your mouth or drop the marshmallow. The most important thing here is to make sure it is not on fire – this could result in burns to the face and a trip to the emergency department. Test the temperature with the tip of your finger before biting into it. If you have gone for a more charcoaled effect, lightly bite the crispy coating and remove it from the gooey centre. You can choose to eat the crispy coating or discard it – the main delicacy is the oozy centre. If you want to mix things up, try sandwiching your marshmallow between two chocolate biscuits. Often referred to as “S’mores”, this technique dates back to the 1920s and is popular in both the US and Canada. It is sure to tantalise the taste buds.

So when booking your next camping trip, make sure you book somewhere that allows campfires so you can put all three simple steps into practice. Everyone will be impressed with your fine roasting skills.

Here is a list of Tasman Holiday Parks in NSW and WA that allow campfires. Please note there may be seasonal restrictions.

New South Wales

Western Australia

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