Snookball – The Ultimate Activity in Christchurch

Snookball – The Ultimate Activity in Christchurch

Snookball is a fun, family-friendly game that can be played at Tasman Holiday Parks – Christchurch.

Snookball is a fun, family-friendly game everyone can enjoy. What is Snookball you ask? Originating in Europe, it combines elements of soccer and pool. Just like in pool, you have eight solid balls and eight striped balls that you aim to sink in the pockets. However, you don’t need a pool cue for this game, you just need your feet.

Picture a giant pool table on the ground with soccer balls painted as pool balls. The aim is to kick the white ball at the coloured balls to knock them into the pockets. Sounds fun doesn’t it. So where can you play it? On your next trip to Christchurch stay at the contact Tasman Holiday Parks – Christchurch and you and the family can play until your heart’s content.

There are many variations of Snookball but the standard rules are:

  • The game is played by two people or two teams.
  • The coloured balls are arranged in a triangle shape with the first player breaking them apart with the cue ball (white ball).
  • The player or team that sink the first ball will decide which ball they are going for, solid or stripes.
  • The aim of the game is to get all your balls into a pocket and sink the black ball last. 
  • The game is lost if you sink the white or black ball mid-game or if the white or black ball leaves the table.

Just remember the number one rule of Snookball is to have fun. Number two is that the rules can be changed to whatever you want. Number three is heckling is encouraged. Sike your opponents out to win the game.

Book your stay at Tasman Holiday Parks – Christchurch to not only enjoy a game of Snookball but enjoy everything else this holiday park has to offer. It’s only 15 minutes from Christchurch’s CBD and airport. The kids will love the pool, water slide, jumping pillow, and playground and the adults will love its proximity to local cafes, shops, markets, and stunning natural surrounds. Accommodation options range from standard studios that sleep two to a four-bedroom house that sleeps 11. There are also powered and unpowered sites for camping or parking your caravan.

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