Seven Must-Haves When Camping with Kids

Seven Must-Haves When Camping with Kids

Family Camping Checklist

There’s nothing quite like a family camping trip. Enjoy the great outdoors with minimal distractions to spend quality time with the kids. It’s a great opportunity to create lasting memories, have fun, and unwind.

To make your camping trip that little bit more enjoyable, we have put together a list of must-haves when camping with kids. Add these to your family camping checklist for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Entertainment for camping with kids

Even though there is plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors, make sure you’re prepared with other entertainment options. Bring a couple of board games or cards, colouring books, frisbees, or books to play with around the campsite. For some night-time fun, you can’t go wrong with a few glow sticks. Kids love them and it makes it easier to spot them if they walk away from the campsite.

Pack the right clothing

Make sure you know the climate of where you are going and what time of year before starting your family camping checklist. If it’s going to be hot, pack plenty of summer clothing, if it’s cold pack warm clothing for layering. If it’s going to be wet, pack a raincoat and gumboots. Be mindful that clothing could possibly get dirty considering they are going to be outside most of the time. Another few items that you can’t forget are a hat, swimwear, pyjamas, underwear, and socks.


Headlamps are a fantastic item to add to the family camping checklist. As we know it gets quite dark when camping so it’s important to have a light handy to see in the dark. Headlamps are a perfect option for busy kids to see in the dark without using their hands. They are also kind of fun.

First-Aid Kit

When camping with kids be prepared for a few bumps, cuts, and bruises. When spending time in the great outdoors kids will be more active with bike riding, hiking, swimming, climbing and just being kids. This means it’s more likely for an injury to occur. Be prepared with a first aid kit with all the essentials to treat a wide range of injuries. You can buy First-Aid kits from camping stores or make your own.

Foot Washing Station

As we all know kids can be a little more frivolous when it comes to keeping the tent tidy. We need to keep those little feet clean before they enter the tent. Make a foot washing station using a small tub and fill it with fresh water daily. Leave it at the tent door along with a scrubbing brush, soap and a clean towel so they can wash and dry their feet before they enter. This will keep the parents happy and free from dirt, sticks, leaves and God knows what else they drag in from their feet.

A play tent

Another way to keep your tent clean is to have a separate tent for playing. There are plenty of small cheapies on the market that are perfect for play. You can keep all toys and entertainment in there, keeping the tent for sleeping uncluttered and clean.

Clothing organiser

Rather than having the kids rummage through suitcases to find their clothing, get organised with portable clothing racks. You can pick up camp wardrobes and cupboards at camping stores or online to keep the tent organised and uncluttered. It’s also a good idea to have a clothing basket to chuck any dirty clothes in at the end of the day. Some Tasman Holiday Parks have laundry facilities so you can wash clothing as you go or at the end of the trip. That’s one less thing to take care of once you get home.

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