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Better than just sandcastles; 6 beach activities for kids

Better than just sandcastles; 6 beach activities for kids

You pack the car, load in the kids, and venture out to spend a day on the sand. The kids are excited, you’re excited, and you plan to spend the whole day exploring rock pools, splashing about in the waves, building sandcastles, getting salty and sandy – you could never get bored.

However, if you’re after some fun beach activities a little out of the box, read on for some top activities to keep the whole family entertained whilst soaking up the summer sun.

1. Beach scavenger hunt

A beach scavenger hunt is a great way to entertain the kids whilst exploring the beach.

Give each participant a list of items that you would typically find at the beach like a shell, a feather, seaweed, or pebbles. The aim is to find every item on that list to win the game. The kids will love the challenge and a little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Tip: Type “beach scavenger hunt” into your search engine and you will find a bunch of free printable scavenger hunt lists. Just print them off and away you go.

2. Make beach art with natural materials

Get the creative juices flowing with a little beach art using items found on the beach.

The first step is to gather bits and pieces you find on the beach to create your masterpiece. Shells are always a great option along with pebbles, seaweed, driftwood, and sticks.

Use the sand as your canvas and let your imaginations run wild by placing your treasures in some sort of pattern. Don’t forget to take a picture of your work of art, this one can’t come home with you.

3. Transform your kids into mermaids

Try your hand at sculpting a mermaid tail to transform yourself or the kids into a mythical sea creature. Bury your little mermaid’s legs in the sand and build a tail with sand over the top.

Get creative and add a few shells or seaweed to jazz it up a little. Once again, make sure you pose for a happy snap before switching back to a human.

4. Hide hand-painted rocks

Get on board with the latest craze – hand-painted rocks. Kids are loving collecting small rocks, painting them, and hiding them for others to find. This requires a little preparation before your beach day.

First, you must collect the rocks then paint them. Try sticking to the beach theme and paint some little beach critters on them with a positive message on the back.

Hide them in places where others will find them like in the beach playground, footpath or under a tree. It’s a nice way to be creative, spread positivity and put a smile on a stranger’s face.

5. Slip and slide

A slip and slide is a summer favourite in many Aussie backyards, but why not bring it to the beach?

Pack thick plastic sheeting (at least 10 foot long) to make your slide. Place it on the sand, anchor it down by digging sand onto the edges, add water and away you go.

For a little extra slip and slide, add environmentally friendly soap with water on the plastic sheet. Once the slide is ready, take a run-up and dive onto the slide gliding along your belly all the way to the end. You are sure to get some attention with this one with many other beachgoers wanting to join in on the fun.

6. Beach cricket

You can’t go wrong with a little beach cricket. It’s not as intense as the game you watch on the telly – the rules are changed a little to suit the players.

For starters, the ball can be switched for a tennis ball, the cricket bat is often plastic and the stumps can be made from driftwood or sticks found at the beach. Bring your cricket bat, make up some rules, get some people involved and have a little fun in the sun with an Aussie favourite.

Check out some fun summer getaway ideas where you can try out our beach activities the whole family can enjoy.  


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