Bored Kids? Here are 5 Activities to keep ‘Em Busy

Bored Kids? Here are 5 Activities to keep ‘Em Busy

Summer is nipping at our heels.

Sun drenched beach days, covered in sand and salty water. The kids are fizzing with excitement, pestering you to use the latest gimmick the grandparents have splurged on this Christmas. It’s definitely time to get them outside.

But you’re a little wary. It’s not your first beach rodeo. You know these sandy expeditions entail keeping the rug-rats fueled up, covered up, entertained and out of each other’s hair.

Exhausting isn’t it?

Fear not – we’ve got your back. Without further ado, here are:

5 Beach Activities For Amping Active Kids!

Beach Board Games:
A teeny bit of effort can go a long way with this gem.
Create your own multi-game board using a table runner, fabric paint and natures game pieces – shells, stones, driftwood… or whatever you can find.

Here’s how: Using a pencil or chalk trace the board game templates (found here) onto the table runner. Using duct tape, mark the sections you don’t want to paint. Grab a sponge, dip it into fabric paint and dab lightly and evenly. Allow the paint to dry, then repeat a couple more times to ensure the paint is bold and evenly spread.

– For Checkers you’ll need 24 total pieces – two different types
– For Tic Tac Toe you’ll need 5 “X” pieces and 5 “O” pieces
– For Mancala you’ll need 48 small pieces

And it’s not confined to the beach either. Create your game pieces from pine cones,
sticks, pebbles or flowers.

DIY Wind Chime:
Adorn your tent or caravan with a piece of the beach this summer.
All you’ll need is a selection of scavenged shells, one piece of driftwood or a medium sized stick from a neighbouring tree, and some nylon fishing line – pinched from the old man’s tackle box.
Tie each individual jewel from nature’s treasure box to a piece of nylon. The tie all of the pieces of nylon to the driftwood. And voila, you’ve done!

Photo Fun:
Family photos don’t have to be drab and painful. Get creative by drawing expressive faces into compacted sand then leaning over them to take photos of everyone’s shadows cast over their drawing.

Scavenger Hunt:
Explore the beach, park and surrounds with a scavenger hunt. Some items to find could be;
Bunny’s tails, scallop shell, a round stone or pine cones.

Sandy Handprint Artwork:
Find a patch of slightly wet sand and place your hand on it to make an indent.
Decorate the print with shells or pebbles. You can also get creative with sandcastles, footprints or other beach toys too!

Can we help keep your kids entertained this summer? Book now to find out!

And transform boredom into a chance to explore.

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