Our Promise

Tasman Promise

Choose any Tasman Holiday Park across Australia and New Zealand and step into a timeless world where you can find the freedom to relax. Wherever we may be, one thing unifies Tasman Holiday Parks. It is our passion for enacting our Tasman Promise.

Inspired Locations

Stay at a Tasman Holiday Park and feel life slow down. Hear the water, wake to birds singing or trees rustling, and you’ll discover a new richness to life in the raw, natural beauty surrounding you. Let our timeless locations inspire you to find peace & relaxation as you explore all that your holiday destination has to offer.

Safe, clean & friendly places

You’ll discover that every Tasman Holiday Park is safe, clean, and friendly. These might be the basics, but they’re not basic to us. So, it matters that you feel like a friend welcomed to a clean, safe place that allows you to relax & unwind.

Fully planned holiday parks

Your Tasman Holiday Park is planned with the convenience and ease to eat, play & stay in comfort. In a Tasman Holiday Park, your holiday is full of possibilities. Put your feet up and relax or get the sand between your toes & explore. Holiday how you want, knowing that whatever you need, is always within reach.

Beautiful Moments

We pride ourselves on creating and delivering places that are beautiful. So, you can experience beautiful moments that uplift you and your loved ones. Unwind watching the kids play. Enjoy the sunshine in greener, natural surroundings. Relax making new friends around a campfire. We create beautiful Holiday Parks so you can have beautiful moments.

Tiaki Promise

The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations. Tasman Holiday Parks support the Tiaki Promise, making a commitment to New Zealand, and acting as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home. New Zealand is precious, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it.


“Looking after our place.” Care for the land, sea and nature. Tread lightly and leave no trace.


“Looking after our visitors.” Travel Safely, showing care and consideration for all.


“Looking after our family & community.” Respect culture, travelling with an open heart and mind.