Flood Update

Flood update

Across Australia, we have seen unprecedented flooding take place which has impacted several Tasman Holiday Parks. Our main priority is to always ensure everyone remains safe.

Our thoughts are with the broader community impacted by this flood emergency, particularly those fighting to protect their homes and livelihoods. The safety of all remains our top priority.

To our existing and upcoming guests whose travel plans have been disrupted, we thank you for your continued support and understanding. Our teams on the ground are working tirelessly to ensure there’s minimal impact and that everyone’s safety remains a priority.

Thank you to all emergency services personnel and locals who have all banded together to assist those who have been impacted.

Daily flood updates for our flood-impacted parks can be found here.

Update 30 November 2022 – List of Tasman Holiday Parks Impacted:


  • The Park remains closed to all annual owners and tourism guests and subject to an evacuation order, resultant from unprecedented flood event, impacting the region.   
  • Essential team members remain onsite (under guidance of Emergency Services), undertaking and initiating flood prevention works.
  • At this stage, we expect the Park to remain closed to all Tourism Guests till the 15th of January 2023
  • We provide the below links for your information 



What will happen to my booking?

Should your booking be affected, our team will be in touch with you directly. Currently, our parks’ access to phones and emails are limited, however, we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible to provide updates. Thank you in advance for your patience and support.

Can I visit the park for an update?

We ask that under no circumstances that you should attend any of our flood-impacted parks for an update in-person. This puts your safety and our staff’s safety at risk.

Where can I get the most recent flood updates?

We ask that you monitor your local conditions and remain alert. As the situation unfolds, please keep up to date and refer directly to your local emergency authority for the most recent flood and evacuation warnings. Please remain alert and stay safe.

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