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Top camping gift ideas this Christmas

Top Camping Gift Ideas

The best Stocking fillers to take on your next Tasman Holiday.

Are you stuck on Christmas present ideas for your friends and families this holiday season? We have you covered! Here is a list of some great Camping Gift Ideas that you can take on your next Tasman holiday.

Bamboo Caravan Travel Mug

Perfect for any coffee or hot drink lover! This reusable caravan-inspired coffee mug is the perfect travel accessory to bring with you on your next Tasman Holiday. This one-of-a-kind mug has a screw-top bamboo lid with a no-drip silicon lid locker and a silicone sleeve for extra heat protection. A must-have this Christmas.

$16.95 from Adventure Awaits

Furrion Lit Portable Speaker

There is nothing better than hanging out with friends and family with some music everyone loves in the background! The Furrion Speaker is perfect for this. It has a playtime of up to 15hours, is Shockproof, Sandproof, and waterproof. It also has a Built-in Flashlight which would come in very handy while on your Tasman Holiday!

$182 from Outback Equipment

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel

Do you love the beach but hate bringing the beach home with you! This towel is perfect for just that.  This sand Free Beach Towel leaves the beach at the beach, is compact and fits perfectly in your bag, and is ultra-absorbent which can hold up 1L of water. It also takes half the time to dry than a regular towel does. They come in a variety of styles so there is one for everyone!

$89 – $149

Avanti Traveller Rose Gold Drinkware Set

Great for keeping any refreshment at the ideal temperature, this Drinkware set is ideal for your next Tasman Holiday. The set comes with a 750ml bottle and 300ml wine tumblers making this perfect for any occasion. It has isothermal insulated double-wall technology that will protect your drink for up to 24hours from any outside temperature!


WACOCO Minipresso NS Portable Pod Machine

Not enough room to bring your Pod Espresso machine on your next Tasman holiday with you? Fear not! This mini portable Pod Machine is perfect for you. This allows you to have your delicious coffee every morning while on your Tasman Holiday. Do you know someone who can’t go a day without a good cup of coffee, why not get them this for Christmas this year.


Wanderer Kids’ Moon Quad Fold Chair

Perfect for the little ones, the Wanderer Kids’ Moon Quad Fold Chair is a perfect gift for camping kids on your next Tasman Holiday! This ultra-comfortable kid finger friendly design is a great gift for kids this Christmas.

Pryml Neo Junior Fishing Tool Bucket 23pc

The Pryml Neo Junior Fishing Tool Bucket is a great gift for a young fisher. What a perfect gift for kids who are just starting out fishing. They can practice casting without the worry of losing valuable bait or being near water. It has everything you need including a stylish hat!


Shooaway Fly Fan

One of the worst things about eating outdoors is the flies. Especially all over the food on the table! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a gadget that could help swat away those flies! Well now there is! Set this up on your table and the flies won’t be able to go near your food. What a perfect stocking filler this Christmas.