Discover the Best Things to See and Do in St Helens

Want to experience the best of St Helens? Check out these great activities!

Discover the Best Things to See and Do in St Helens, Tasmania

Alongside fun activities like fishing and surfing, and exploring the walking and biking trails, St Helens also packs a powerful punch in terms of scenic places to visit.

Here is our guide to the best spots in the small coastal town and its surroundings:

1. Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires in St Helens
Credit: Alice Hansen

The famous stretch of coastline near St Helens, Tasmania is a visual feast. Located just a 15-minute drive north of St Helens, it boasts the most stunning contrasts of orangey-burnt coloured rocks against powder white sand and aqua water.

Its pristine, white sandy beaches are perfect for a variety of activities, including swimming, surfing, or simply lounging by the water’s edge. Snorkeling enthusiasts will delight in exploring its inlets, lagoons, and bays, while birdwatching, bushwalking, fishing, and kayaking are also popular activities year-round.

This area is truly spectacular and a highlight among things to do in St Helens. Whether you’re looking to relax or enjoy some exciting outdoor adventures, the Bay of Fires has something to offer.

2. St Columbia Falls in the town of Pyengana

Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy

If you’re seeking a half-day trip, hop in the car and take a 25-minute drive to Pyengana. There, you’ll find Tasmania’s tallest waterfall, St Columbia Falls. Standing at a towering 90 meters, this magnificent waterfall is absolutely a must-see.

The viewing platform is only a 7-minute walk from a sealed road, but the path can be slippery, so be careful. Despite this, the journey to the viewing platform is worth it for the spectacular and impressive sight of the falls.

3. St Helens Point

A picturesque destination with stunning views.

(Credit: Stu Gibson)

Located in the easternmost part of St Helens, this conservation area is a picturesque destination with sand dunes and beaches leading up to stunning views of the surrounding coastline. It should be top of your list when exploring things to do in St Helens, Tasmania.

Take a leisurely hike along the flat, well-kept trail and after a 30-minute journey, you will arrive at St Helens Point.

4. Peron Dunes

Credit: Jason Charles Hill

Peron Dunes, one of the top attractions in St Helens, Tasmania, is located near St Helens Point. Enjoy sandboarding, four-wheel driving, or relaxing at an uncrowded beach. Please note that four-wheel driving is recommended for experienced drivers with a challenging difficulty rating. The northern end features dunes ideal for sandboarding.

5. The Serpentarium Wildlife Park

Credit: The Serpentarium Wildlife Park

The Serpentarium Wildlife Park is an ideal destination for families in search of activities to do in St Helens, Tasmania. It features a warm indoor exhibit of exotic reptiles such as the Green Anaconda, Indian Star Tortoises, and Reticulated Python, as well as a collection of indigenous artifacts including gem and crystal displays.

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