Australian Lions Hearing Dog Charity Fundraiser

Tasman Holiday Parks - Rollingstone supports the Australian Lions Hearing Dog Charity.

Australian Lions Hearing Dog Charity Fundraiser

Check out this great charity and learn about how Tasman Holiday Parks is getting involved!

Tasman Holiday Parks – Rollingstone is proud to support the Australian Lions Hearing Dog Charity. This incredible organisation helps to provide hearing assistance dogs to those in need, helping enhance the lives of many Australians.

About the Australian Lions Hearing Dog Charity

Did you know that one in six Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss? Over 400,000 people deal with isolating challenges of severe deafness every day, and the number of people experiencing hearing loss continues to rise. The Australian Lions Hearing Dog Charity (ALHD) helps to provide dogs to Australians in need, completely free of charge. Their work is more important now than ever!

Hearing aids and cochlear implants can be incredibly beneficial for those who experience hearing loss, however there are times where extra help is needed – which is where the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs make a huge difference.

ALHD have been providing dogs to hundreds of Australians since 1980, helping to train, deliver, and support the dogs. Each dog costs upwards of $37,000 to train and is gifted free of charge to its deaf or hard of hearing new owner.

The charity train promising young dogs to recognize sounds to alert a deaf or hearing-impaired person. The sounds include the doorbell, kettle, alarm clock, phone, and smoke detector. Having assistance with recognizing these sounds can make a huge difference in people’s lives, and even be lifesaving!

Help raise money with Tasman Holiday Parks

Given the cost involved with raising and training the dogs, the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs rely on donors, volunteers, and other supporters to continue providing their great services.

Tasman Holiday Parks – Rollingstone is proud to support the charity by hosting the ‘Numbers Game’ most Saturday nights. Guests at the park can get involved to help raise money for the charity by participating in the game, with a $2 entry fee. All donations will go towards the charity to help cover the costs associated with training the dogs.

Guests will have the chance to win a $100 voucher for accommodation at Tasman Holiday Parks, and $100 is donated to the charity to help raise the dogs and find homes for them. Talk to our friendly staff for more information about how you can get involved while staying at Tasman Holiday Parks – Rollingstone.

Townsville’s new dog, Mawson

Mawson is a Tenterfield terrier and the new dog for Townsville. Like all dogs that the charity trains, he costs $37,000 to train to the required standard. Mawson’s trainer will also spend a week with him and his new owner, to ensure a smooth and successful transition. These costs are only possible through the generous support from sponsors.

Check out other ways you can support and donate to this incredible charity here.

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